conclusion of the photoshoot.

So which one did I like the best? And is it really a competition? No, because Victoria almost always looks fabulous. I love Victoria's style and that is why I blog about her. I think she has great fashion sense. I usually never find anything wrong with her clothes. I have her great love of fashion and most of all, I have her love of shoes. I am kind of like Victoria... but obviously the non-celebrity version.



I loved the black photoshoot. As much as I do love bright, bold colours, I am very much a fan of the colour/shade (whatever you want to call it), black. The dark photoshoot was seductive and sexy. She reminded me of a gorgeous vampire princess...and how can I leave out those beautiful light pink Giambattista Valli 6-inch heels? LOVED them.

My second favourite photoshoot was the colourful one---the one with Victoria wearing the red feathery dress. I thought it was really cute and she tried something different, which is great. I liked the bright red against the garden scene and the green background. I, also, liked the white dress with the silver stilletos; that was a good combination and she looked fantastic.

Which leaves me with my least favourite....Although I did like the idea of the ferris wheel and the black-and-white stripes with the yellow, I was not a fan of the basic beige top and the black mini skirt. Come on, we all know she could have done much better. It was way too basic for my liking.

I am so excited to see the magazine and the final product of the photoshoot!