in her shoes.

Victoria Beckham was dressed in Giles Deacon head to shoes for the Graduate Gala Fashion Show (this was months and months ago). I knew the dress was Giles Deacon but for some time now, I was wondering who had made the shoes.
They're spikey but I like them. I wonder if the shoe ends up scratching your leg, say if you are getting into a car or whatever....because that wouldn't be too great.


victoria leaves paris.

After all the fun and hard work in Paris, Victoria leaves Paris with her son, Cruz and heads to London on a train. As she said in her blog, she has to work on her dVb line in London.

She is dressed very basic wearing her dVb jeans, a white tank top, a Stella McCartney Scarf and a Hermes leather beret hat she wore recently when leaving Japan. Oh and I can't forget her Hermes bag.

This picture is from when she arrived to Paris. As you can see, she was more dressed up coming to Paris but I guess she did some hard work in Paris and it was time to dress down. Isn't Cruz so cute carrying his own luggage?

who wore it best?

The fashion faceoff is between Victoria's vest and Victoria's vest. LEFT: Victoria wears her vest underneath a blazer with skinny jeans coming back to Los Angeles from NYC. RIGHT: Victoria wears the vest on it's own with wide-leg trousers in Paris.

Both outfits are good but I prefer the one on the right.

roberto cavalli.

As you know Victoria Beckham sort of has a close friendship with Roberto Cavalli... so earlier on in the week, Victoria came to the opening of Roberto Cavalli's new store in Paris. Roberto Cavalli's wife, Eva was there also.


Victoria Beckham and Dita von Teese attend the Chanel fashion show in Paris together.

Don't they look like barbie dolls? Victoria wears the teal dress she took pictures of in her blog and Dita keeps it traditional by wearing black. Dita von Teese is in major need of a tan...Is it possible to be so pale?

And here they are posing with Karl Lagerfeld, the man behind the show.

louis vuitton.

Victoria looks great as she attended the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris on Sunday. Her outfit is plain and dark and not really out there. I mean you can't blame me for feeling that way after seeing the teal dress-Fendi shoes ensemble. Regardless, she looks great. Her hair looks washed and voluminous.

from paris.

Victoria blogged from Paris in which she talked about some of the things she has done during her Paris trip. She also talks about her Elle magazine photoshoot, thanks the fans for the support they gave her and David Beckham when David's father was sick and also reminds them that she is coming to England to work on her dVb collection.

Anyway she attached some wonderful pictures of her in a green vintage 50's style dress that she paired with Fendi shoes.

Victoria with her hair and make up team.

Look at that bling bling.

conclusion of the photoshoot.

So which one did I like the best? And is it really a competition? No, because Victoria almost always looks fabulous. I love Victoria's style and that is why I blog about her. I think she has great fashion sense. I usually never find anything wrong with her clothes. I have her great love of fashion and most of all, I have her love of shoes. I am kind of like Victoria... but obviously the non-celebrity version.



I loved the black photoshoot. As much as I do love bright, bold colours, I am very much a fan of the colour/shade (whatever you want to call it), black. The dark photoshoot was seductive and sexy. She reminded me of a gorgeous vampire princess...and how can I leave out those beautiful light pink Giambattista Valli 6-inch heels? LOVED them.

My second favourite photoshoot was the colourful one---the one with Victoria wearing the red feathery dress. I thought it was really cute and she tried something different, which is great. I liked the bright red against the garden scene and the green background. I, also, liked the white dress with the silver stilletos; that was a good combination and she looked fantastic.

Which leaves me with my least favourite....Although I did like the idea of the ferris wheel and the black-and-white stripes with the yellow, I was not a fan of the basic beige top and the black mini skirt. Come on, we all know she could have done much better. It was way too basic for my liking.

I am so excited to see the magazine and the final product of the photoshoot!

elle magazine photoshoot 3.

Lady like Victoria arriving to another photoshoot session...

More pictures from her photoshoot infront of Jardin du Luxembourg . Victoria is wearing an orange-reddish feathery/fluffy outfit, which actually looks quite great. Also, I am loving another pair of dominatrix style heels. I guess that's the IN thing for shoes now, the leather look.
Back and front of the outfit.

From a far...

Another scene from the photoshoot, infront of the Eiffel Tower...How nice are those high heel metallic silver shoes? I'm a shoe love-ar (lover in a very french Carrie-Sex and the City accent) so I always notice the shoes!

elle magazine photoshoot 2.

More of the photoshoot. This is on a ferris wheel at the Place de la Concorde.

I love the next picture...It shows you two sides of the photoshoot; the photographers and the models. She is standing infront of the Louvre. The shoes she is wearing are the black version of the Giambattista Valli "Victoria" shoes.

I love the dominatrix style shoes. They remind me of the ones Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing for the Sex and the City movie (the one she wore with the green floral print dress). Man am I loving the dominatrix shoes.

elle magazine photoshoot.

Victoria's photoshoot for Elle Magazine en Pah-ree (Paris).

Isn't she stunning?

How gorgeous is the whole dress...it's like gothic-chic.

and upclose...

More shots that are absolutely elegant...

in her shoes.

A fabulous shoe named after a fabulous lady....The VICTORIA shoe. Oh MY GOD. How gorgeous are these pink Giambattista Valli heels? The shoes are 6" inches high and not only does Victoria have the pink ones, she also has the black versions of the Victoria shoe.



So Victoria Beckham now has another item to market to her fans and it is her new cosmetics line called V-Sculpt. Wow...good for her. So far she has dVb jeans, dVb fragrance, sunglasses, books, she also works closely with Samantha Thavasa and has designed her own handbags and jewelry and now cosmetics...What's next? Her very own clothing line...or better yet shoes?

Above is her colour palette of face powders, blush (by the way I love the cotton candy pink blush...Very similar to the one I wear almost everyday), eye liner, mascara, lip gloss, lip liner, and eye shadows.

The following picture is of Victoria Beckham arriving to Tokyo.

As you can see she is wearing really similar outfits with the same gray top/dark jean colour scheme.

Left: VB leaves LAX airport and heads to Tokyo to launch V-Sculpt. She is wearing a grey Vintage Roberto Cavalli jacket with a Balenciaga belt, her very own dVb jeans--Dark Indigo Straight Leg with Bronze Star-- and carrying her black Hermes bag. Shoes are Lanvin. The launch was supossed to take place on September 27, 2007...BUT VB had to leave immediately before the launch to join David Beckham in London as David's father is hospitalized due to a heart attack he suffered. Best of luck to the Beckhams.


vb's hermes bag obsession.

So we all know that Victoria Beckham is in love with Hermes handbags. She has so many that it makes me a tad bit jealous.

Hermes bags are very expensive starting at US $6,000 and can go as high as US $120,000, which is the most expensive Hermes handbag. WOW. It is made out of crocodile and has solid gold closures which are encrusted with diamonds.

As you can see, Victoria has spent a lot of money on her Hermes bags.

Hermes bags are pricey because they are made out of rare skins and precious metals. The exotic skins range from crocodile, alligator, ostrich and lizard.
Not only that, one bag can take about 18-24 hours to make.

Hermes bags can have upto a six year wait list depending on the type of leather or skin. So it's true, the episode of Sex and the City didn't lie (when Samantha was trying to get a Hermes bag and had to put on six year wait list). But as you can see when Samantha said that Lucy Liu wanted the bag, she was immediately moved to top priority. So the question remains: does Victoria Beckham ever have to wait up to six years to purchase her Hermes bags? Probably not.

I thought that everyone would be interested to see the most expensive Birkin in the world so I decided to throw in an image (below) of the Hermes Crocodile Birkin handbag valued at US $120,000. And surprisingly, it is not the most expensive bag in the world (the Chanel "Diamond Forever" handbag beats the Birkin by US $260,150). Unbelievable! There (Birkin) are only two of it's kind in the world.



Victoria and David Beckham spotted arriving to Nobu restaurant in L.A. Thoughts that come to mind: what is Victoria Beckham wearing? She spent a few days in NYC for Fashion week and wore four great outfits and now this? She kind of looks like a bush just walking around. Others are comparing her to the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Victoria is wearing a Marc Jacobs 2008 Resort dress with brown Lanvin Gladiator platforms and carrying yet another Hermes bag.


in her shoes.

I love these shoes. Victoria Beckham wears gray and white Sergio Agathe Platform slingbacks with a Rick Owen racerback tank and Hermes handbag. Retail price (for the shoes): $653.95 on Zappos.

who wore it best?

The fashion faceoff is between Victoria and...Victoria. Her pink Roland Mouret RM Moon dress she wore at the L.A. Galaxy vs. her red Roland Mouret dress that she wore while leaving NYC for L.A. I liked the pink dress even though I know a lot of people were iffy about it. I definitely think it could have looked better in another colour. I absolutely adore the red mini though; I even love the back of it ...with the vertical black buttons going down.

rebecca loos.

As you all know, Rebecca Loos is the woman who supposedly had an affair with David Beckham, Vic's husband. This affair took place when David was playing for Real Madrid in 2003. She also worked as David Beckham's personal assistant. She is originally from England but she has her heart set to make it in Hollywood. I think the Beckham-Loos affair is completely BS and made up for the sole purpose of gaining publicity. Just look at her, she is trash. Why would someone want to cheat on Victoria with trash? Just doesn't make sense.

If this affair was true (which I doubt it is), I would honestly be so heartbroken. There's only so much faith you can have when it comes to Hollywood couples--er celebrity couples (since they aren't a 100% Hollywood).

home sweet home.

Victoria is back in L.A. Wednesday night. Husband, David Beckham, and kids pick her up from the airport where they head out for dinner at Mastros Steakhouse. For some reason I was expecting Victoria to change into another awesome outfit in the plane. We could've gotten more pictures! Yes, I do understand that I am being kind of ridiculous.