vb's hermes bag obsession.

So we all know that Victoria Beckham is in love with Hermes handbags. She has so many that it makes me a tad bit jealous.

Hermes bags are very expensive starting at US $6,000 and can go as high as US $120,000, which is the most expensive Hermes handbag. WOW. It is made out of crocodile and has solid gold closures which are encrusted with diamonds.

As you can see, Victoria has spent a lot of money on her Hermes bags.

Hermes bags are pricey because they are made out of rare skins and precious metals. The exotic skins range from crocodile, alligator, ostrich and lizard.
Not only that, one bag can take about 18-24 hours to make.

Hermes bags can have upto a six year wait list depending on the type of leather or skin. So it's true, the episode of Sex and the City didn't lie (when Samantha was trying to get a Hermes bag and had to put on six year wait list). But as you can see when Samantha said that Lucy Liu wanted the bag, she was immediately moved to top priority. So the question remains: does Victoria Beckham ever have to wait up to six years to purchase her Hermes bags? Probably not.

I thought that everyone would be interested to see the most expensive Birkin in the world so I decided to throw in an image (below) of the Hermes Crocodile Birkin handbag valued at US $120,000. And surprisingly, it is not the most expensive bag in the world (the Chanel "Diamond Forever" handbag beats the Birkin by US $260,150). Unbelievable! There (Birkin) are only two of it's kind in the world.