dVb jeans.

dVb jeans...so just how great are they?

I WANT THESE JEANS. dVb Bootcut with dVb Logo Jean in Stone.

I tried them on and usually I am a size 26-27 but I had to get a size 25 in these. Honestly they are so versatile and give such a sophisticated look. They are also very comfy and are not low enough to fall of your ass. I am so sick and tired of those jeans that are always falling off your butt. These jeans are pricy but they are an investment I am willing to make.

I really hate these jeans though.

I guess the big stars on the butt aren't doing it for me.

Other dVb jeans...

The big stars on the butt don't look so bad here maybe it's the different color of the jeans...

And these white ones are exactly the same as the ones I want except thaty they are white with pink stitching instead of golden. They are also very nice but the fact that they are white makes me kind of hesistant to purchase them.

She also has other jeans which you can check out at www.revolveclothing.com