learning how to fly.

Victoria Beckham's first book and autobiography of herself. I think this book is absolutely amazing. It's very interesting and I could not help reading this book and neglecting studying for exams because it was so hard to put down. It has so many nitty gritty details about everything; about her adolescent life and how she had such low self esteem because of her acne, about her first relationships before David, the first time she had sex, when she met David, how they had to keep their relationship a secret and SO MUCH MORE. This woman has been through it all.

It's so annoying how people think she is a stuck up bitch just because she always keeps a straight face and does not smile in pictures... but whose taking these pictures? Paparazzi who take pictures of their private lives and sell it to newspapers with lying headlines? You have to read this book to undestand how much this woman has gone through and that will make you realise that VB is a strong person.

I totally recommend this book to any VB fan; it's just like reading through the pages of her diary; that's how intense and descriptive this book is. I love the way she writes in the book too. It's hard to feel that you are reading a book, I felt that I was engaged in a conversation with her because the way she wrote it is the way she speaks so it's completely like she is talking to you.