in her shoes.

Victoria Beckham and her shoe collection...well some of it anyway because she has too many. I am a shoe-a-holic so for me to be looking at these amazing designer shoes makes me get a little excited/restless/anxious...you know, that crazy feeling.

We can conclude she likes black and metallic stilletos. I love the first two (they are the same), very fierce.

More stilletos. Leather boots and sandals that wrap around your ankle.

More boots and strappy sandals.

Omg is this really happening? Something you won't see happening much. Is VB really wearing white moon boots (Christian Dior), ugly black shoes and Nike runners?! That's funny because I have the Nike runners in the middle except in the colour purple and let me tell you, those were the "cool" running shoes to have back in 1999/2000.

Back to normal; strappy sandals and stilletos.
Absolutely adore the ones on the red carpet.