victoria beckham's tattoos.

I think tattoos are great but it's hard to have a lot of tattoos and yet still look classy instead of trashy. A lot of people get weird looking tacky tattoos but Victoria Beckham has kept to her image of keeping it posh.

The tattoo going down her neck is the latest edition to her tattoo collection; her and husband David Beckham got matching tattoos for their 6th wedding anniversary (his is on his forearm). The tattoo is in Hebrew and is from the Song of Songs 2:16: I am my beloved and my beloved is mine. If that's not sweet, I don't know what is. Apparently, Christina Aguilera has the same tattoo around her crotch area some where. Wonder if they knew about this...

The next tattoo is located on Victoria's lower back. It initially started out with the 3 stars that are horizontal to each other symbolising herself, her husband, David Beckham and their first son, Brooklyn. Afterwards, the tattoo was modified by adding two stars to represnt Victoria and David's two younger sons, Romeo and Cruz.

The next tattoo is MAY 08 1997 in roman numerals, which was the day David and Victoria Beckham (Adams at that time) had sex for the first time (with each other). Apparently Victoria had no idea but David had brought up the fact that he knew what the exact date was. She was shocked and decided this was something important in their lives and therefore should get it tattooed. The DB tattoo on her wrist is pretty straight forward: DAVID BECKHAM's initials.

Future tattoo plans for Victoria? Victoria has decided her next tattoo will be of a symbol for fertility that will be on her inner thigh and hopefully will help her conceive a baby girl. Good luck!