foot surgery.

Being a girl and a shoe-a-holic, I have endured the pain of wearing high heels for long periods of time. After seeing many photos of Victoria Beckham, I have pondered the following question: how does she do it? How can she walk with 5 inch heels? I often used to wonder: does she get blisters and cuts on her feet?

Also, look closely at her feet and the way they are positioned. Doesn't it just seem like she could fall flat on her face any second?

Anyway, it has been reported that Victoria Beckham will be getting foot surgery sometime soon to get her bunions removed. "I always wear stilettos but they have given me awful feet. I hate my feet, they are the most disgusting thing about me" says Victoria. Sure stilletos are lovely and they look great but something not so great and possibly painful is bound to happen underneath those killer heels. They don't call them killer heels for nothing.

Giambattisa Valli heels (left) and Yves Saint Laurent Tribute pumps (right).