So Victoria Beckham now has another item to market to her fans and it is her new cosmetics line called V-Sculpt. Wow...good for her. So far she has dVb jeans, dVb fragrance, sunglasses, books, she also works closely with Samantha Thavasa and has designed her own handbags and jewelry and now cosmetics...What's next? Her very own clothing line...or better yet shoes?

Above is her colour palette of face powders, blush (by the way I love the cotton candy pink blush...Very similar to the one I wear almost everyday), eye liner, mascara, lip gloss, lip liner, and eye shadows.

The following picture is of Victoria Beckham arriving to Tokyo.

As you can see she is wearing really similar outfits with the same gray top/dark jean colour scheme.

Left: VB leaves LAX airport and heads to Tokyo to launch V-Sculpt. She is wearing a grey Vintage Roberto Cavalli jacket with a Balenciaga belt, her very own dVb jeans--Dark Indigo Straight Leg with Bronze Star-- and carrying her black Hermes bag. Shoes are Lanvin. The launch was supossed to take place on September 27, 2007...BUT VB had to leave immediately before the launch to join David Beckham in London as David's father is hospitalized due to a heart attack he suffered. Best of luck to the Beckhams.